B's NEW Fave Bath and Bodyworks Products 🛁

1.) In the Stars Body Wash

LISTEN. UP. If you have not tried the "In the Stars" line from Bath and Bodyworks, then you def don't know what is good for you. This scent is something that I will never get tired of. It's such a perfect SPICY but SWEET scent that just FEELS right. This is one of their most popular scents and it literally flies off the shelves. (also I see it a lot on TikTok so I know that's why it flies off the shelves too) Go grab a perfume or body wash or lotion in this scent right now and then go ahead and thank me later.

Buy this body wash HERE

2.) The White Barn "GATHER" Candle

I am not sure if this is a new scent added to the Bath and Bodyworks family but if it is, it needs to stay for good and if it's not new, then I am way behind in the game. When I first went to smell this candle, I thought it was going to smell WAYYY different than it did. It's a mix of sweet, pumpkin, and cologne, and if I was a candle this would be the scent that I would hope to be. You just have to get your hands on it! It is a very fall type smell but the design of the candle makes it an all year round candle and that is the ish that I do mess with.

Buy this candle HERE

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