Ya girl B is a native to Colorado Springs, CO. In high school she participated in student council; and, that’s where she found her true self. She loved performing in front of everyone at school assemblies, being in front of the camera and on the news.  It felt so good helping out at school and in the community. Media was what she wanted to do! When not in the studio, she’s trying to get on the Ellen Show  (been trying for almost 5 years). She also loves working on her personal clothing business, Halfrican Apparel, which she’s been growing  since 2017. And always look for her at Starbucks (three times a day) because your girl is on that Gold Star status!  Once or twice a year, she loves traveling the states with her favorite organization, GALvanize. She has met awesome, lifelong besties and works on her broadcasting skills with NFL teams.  The variety this organization offers her is something that continues to impact her life. B is always ready for her next adventure!