B's Fave Dutch Bro's Drink ALL YEAR ROUND ☼

B's Secret Dutch Bros Drink Concoction:

Iced Peach Ring Green Tea w/ Extra Peach & Coconut Milk

B is a huge fan of Dutch Bros and has many go-to drinks when she swings by the hoppin and poppin hut but a secret concoction that she is prone to get is a spin on the classic peach green tea. If you love the flavor and lightness of a peach green tea then you are going to find this drink EXTRA fruity and EXTRA refreshing. The "peach ring" part describes the taste of the drink as a whole. You remember when you were a kid and you would stop at the gas station and get those peach ring candies and eat em off your fingers? Well that is exactly what this drink tastes like but CREAMIER.

Don't act like I didn't tell you so when you go and order this peach perfection beverage. It's gonna be your go-to for days and months to come!

Shoot, I might go get one now, cravin it HUGE.

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