B's Fave Summer Skin Care Product ☀️

This year for some reason, I have been ESPECIALLY into skin care items. (it could be all the time I've had in quarantine to watch tiktok) There is this one item on Instagram that I could not stop seeing on my feed and if you are on my feed enough, I'll probably buy it so guess what I did? Just that. I am so STOKED that I did because this spray has literally SAVED me after my workouts. I know you are thinking "B, post workout sprays and setting sprays are so phony" but here my friend.....let me introduce you to this one.

Athia Post Workout Spray

This post workout spray not only smells gentle and refreshing but when I say it helps take away that redness from a hard workout, I MEAN IT WITH MY WHOLE HEART. If there is one thing that you know about me, it's that you know when I workout because it says it all over my face because my cheeks are little cherry tomatoes. I am so self conscious about it too :( When I spray this on after my workout, in 5 minutes my redness was seriously nowhere to be found.That's like way faster then normal for me I also didn't feel like I had to run to the shower right away after my workout. I was able to run a few errands in PUBLIC and not feel like everyone was looking at me and being grossed out because I was dripping in sweat. This baby is a must in your gym bag. Don't take it just from me, TRY it for yourself and then thank me later (:

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