My Favorite Customized Protein Buddy Nutrition 🍓🍨

I am a big fan of protein I've got to say. I workout out on a daily basis, I see a nutritionist to make sure I am taking the right steps to put the things that I need in my body that not only it needs but what it wants as well..One thing though that my nutritionist has expressed to me is that I am not meeting my daily protein goal as I should so I have been trying to make sure that I am putting things in my body that are extremely high in protein. A perfect way that I have found to do that is with these guys at Buddy Nutrition. Not only can you take a quiz to help personalize your protein but you can also let them know things that you are sensitive to. For example, sometimes whey protein makes my tummy feel not so good, so I am on a plant based protein so that my tummy can tolerate when I am trying to hit that daily protein goal. They also make sure to put a probiotic in your protein if you would like as well as vitamins and minerals. I also got to pick my flavor which I was so excited about. Of course ya girl had to choose the 🍓 sorbet flavor! If you are interested in protein or already have it in your daily schedule, I suggest Buddy Nutrition so that you know EXACTLY what is going into your protein as well as the things you actually need. NO harmful chemicals.Your body with love you for it! ❤️