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The Real B Brooks

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B's Favorite Beauty Products for June

1.) Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

I recently just got this little guy because every stinkin Youtuber I watch uses this so being who I am, I had to see what all the hype was about!

After using it, I did just that. I realized what the noise was about. First off, this thing smells like you are hanging out under an umbrella drinking some coconut water in Cancun. Smells so FREAKING GOOD. Second, who doesn't like to be a bronzed beach goddess? I know I sure do. So that's a plus as well!

2.) Morphe Setting Mist

I honestly didn't really understand what everyone was talking about when they said that they used a setting spray. Did it really help? Wouldn't spraying something wet on your face mess your makeup up? FALSE. Especially when using this guy! Not only does it smell like a light perfume when you spray it on your face but it sprays as if you just needed a little boost of fresh mist. SO REFRESHING. I do actually notice that my makeup does stay on longer when I do use a setting spray. ITS COOL FIGURING OUT GIRLY STUFF,

3.) Formula 10.06 Thirst No More Moisturizer

My face is an actual Sahara desert. So that's great. Anything that literally says "hydration" on the bottle, 10 out of 10 I will buy. This was such a COP. The smell of this one is actually the best smell I have ever smelled in my entire life. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IF YOU CLASSIFY YOUR SKIN AS THE SAHARA AS WELL.

4.) Formula 10.06 Rescue Me

I have to say that I don't break out very often at all but on those rare occasions I never knew how to tame those small breakouts until I took a walk around the store trip to Ulta. I have used face masks from this brand that I really liked so I figured that I would like all the other things that they had to offer. I was right! God bless. This little puppy helps out those breakouts that try to be sneaky and take over your face when you aren't looking. Give this a try if you aren't looking for something to harsh to put on your face.You will feel as though this product is a HUGE win! CAUSE IT IS.

5.) Youngliving Patchouli Essential Oil

I had a great friend of mine make me the best roll on essential oil fragrance oil that I use every single day. I gave her a hug one day and I literally pressured her into making me a roll on of this scent for days becaus eit smelt so good on her! It's a big smell to smell at first but once you get used to it and the musky after smell, you will definitely be into it too!

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