The Real B Brooks

The Real B Brooks

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B's April Essentials

1.) Animal Crackers

These have been my go to snack but this certain brand is the huge drip. I can't say that I like any other brand like I like this one that comes in the bear!

2.) Pink Pocky

Pink Pocky is ACTUALLY life! You won't ever catch ya girl without munchin on one of these in her hand. GUARANTEE

Disclaimer: It has to be the strawberry kind though-

3.) Target Sandals are the TOTAL cop! If you are looking for some cheap, extra cute sandals, you bet you can find them at Target. I wear me some Target sandals just about everyday!

4.) Bite Beauty Agave Lip Balm

This stuff is sent from the heavens above. The texture and smell when you first slip this little sugar on is kind of funky but once its been on for like 10 minutes, you will definitely understand the hype!

5.) In the Stars Perfume from Bath and Bodyworks

The smell of this little thing packs a powerful SEXY punch. I keep this in my purse for whenever I want to whip it out and make a statement. Like BOOM baby. BOOM.

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