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B's Favorite Beauty Products for April

1.) Clean and Clear Lemon Zesty Scrub

You would think this product would have a strong, over powering lemon fragrance and may or may not burn your pupils when you put it on your face BUT even I, the "assumer, consumer" was wrong. It has the freshest most dialed down scent of lemon that you could ever experience and it has the perfect little scrubs to just get exactly what you would want to get off your dirty face! Love this and actually may grab the whole line it is so good.

2.) Elf Nourishing Night Cream

I am in a hardcore elf phase. I can tell you that. I am prone to having INCREDIBLY dry skin and really wanted to dive into some hydrating skincare this month. I have had a great go so far with this night cream. The only thing I wish this had a was a more noticeable smell to it. I am a very "I need to smell a scent" person and I would just prefer my skincare to have a light, inviting, noticeable scent.

3.) Wet n Wild Photofocus Coconut 3-IN-1 Primer Water

I go through this thing like WATER. I spray this thing before I put on my makeup and throughout random times of the day. The smell of this is to the T coconut and is the most refreshing smell and feeling. I spray this on my face way more then I should and now makes sense why I run out of it so fast. Good thing this little buddy is OOBER cheap!

4.) Milani Make It Last Setting Spray

Wow. Just wow. This has been a heaven sent. The smell, how light it is on your face, how it keeps your makeup in place, how you can barely feel it's there. Will definitely be buying for the rest of my existence. Wow. Like Post Malone once said.

5.) Benefit Hoola Bronzer

I use this little guy as a blush just because I am not a pink cliche' blush person. I like the flush of color it gives me when I am having those pasty skin days...which is everyday. This will always be in my skincare routine in the future!

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