B's Favorite Online Stores (𝓐𝓹𝓻𝓲𝓵)

1.) Junkbrands.com

My fave website to splurge on some headbands. I am a headband fanatic!

2.) Alaninu.com

This website has the absolute best dietary and nutritional supplements! They have the literal BEST FLAVORS. MMMMMM. YAS. CRAVING THEIR FLAVORS RIGHT NOW.

3.) Lush.com

We all know how bangin Lush is. It says it right in the title, fresh handmade cosmetics. If you haven't purchased anything from Lush my friend, you ain't experienced true skincare, okkkuuuurrrr

4.) Uniconutrition

This is my fave website to grab BCAA's. They have great flavors also and the packaging of the products look so good in your pantry! SOOOOOOO PRETTY

5.) Etsy

I am a huge supporter in local businesses because I have one of my own! I love Etsy because you are not only supporting local businesses, but everything is pretty much handmade and made with care. I so love to shop small businesses before I shop the big guys!


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