The Real B Brooks

The Real B Brooks

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B's March Essentials

1.) Tote

This one I even surprised myself with. I am not a huge purse person even though this is considered a tote but I have found this to be the most useful, "need something light" "got to go bag" eva. Also it was only $3 in the Target dollar section so AYYYEEEE.

2.) Youngliving Peppermint Oil

Ya girl caught one of the worst congestion head colds ever this month and found sniffing this (I know it sounds bad but it's an oil that's used to be inhaled so don't think I'm huffing...) and has made a difference in opening up the air ways in my nose. BIG KEY right here.

3.) Arbonne Green Apple Energy Fizz Sticks

This is my morning go to before I head on out the door for the day. My favorite thing to mix this with is an emergen-c pack and some unsweetened green tea and it gives me the boost that I literally need every morning. Sometimes it saves me that extra $4 dollars I tend to spend on a Starbucks run. These things are so good but now I am lowkey sad because this flavor is limited edition so you have to make sure you have yourself a good sturdy Arbonne seller that will let you know when these puppies are back in stock again.

4.) Emergen-C Blueberry Acai'

I am a HUGE emergen-c drinker. I think I have 2-3 of these things a day. (Not sure if that's overdosing) The one that I have been into lately has been this flavor, the blueberry acai'. I restock on these things when I go to the store like they are chapstick.

5.) Unico Yumino Blue Frost BCAA's

Last but not least ya girl has really been focusing on her BCAA's after a workout lately as I am jumping into my workout regimen HIGH and MIGHTY these next couple of months. This flavor is supposed to be a limited edition flavor as well but has been around for a hot second so perhaps they figured out that it is SO GOOD and it's here to just finally stay. I am no doctor, nor nutritionist or anything like that, I just like the way this makes me feel after a workout and how it deals with my dehydration after a workout.

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