The Real B Brooks

The Real B Brooks

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B's Favorite Youtuber's

1.) Jenna Marbles

Everyday I believe that this girl and I are long lost sisters. Her chair video where she turns herself into a chair is something I will laugh at even when I am rolling around in my grave.

2.) HopeScope

She is another one of my favorites because she is just simply bad*** and strong and I'm here for that AND she likes to review leggings and athletic wear and ya girl can't go a day without my athletic wear. Period.

3.) Nate Garner

I love to watch me some Nate Garner because he and his girlfriend and the challenges that they have each other do have me peein my little pants. He also takes big "W'S" and I am about that big "W" life. Youuuu knooowwwwww

2.) Glam&Gore

I am weird and love to watch crazy murder shows and scary ghost shows all by my lonesome. I am that weird homie. I have always found it interesting on how they do horror makeup and how they create all those masks that we see in movies and films and someone who does a great job showing you that and can throw down a crazy fx makeup is this chicka. Super cool to check out and watch!

5.) Mia Maples

This girl does a lot of fun hauls and makeup tutorials that for some reason I just can't stop watching. It is what it is.

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