B's 3 Favorite Healthy Joints in Colorado Springs

1.) Ola Juice Bar

Ola Juice Bar is so my go to at least once a week. They make the world famous, "Estelle" acai bowl that is literally to die for! Its got a bunch of fresh fruit like bananas, strawberries. It's also got a delicious amount of honey, granola, and chocolate chips. SUCH A YUMMY SWEET HEALTHY OPTION YASSSS HUN.

2.) Whole Foods Market

The Whole Foods Market is where you can typically find B in her natural habitat on any given day of the week. Their buffet of fresh, ready to go food and salads and goodies is my go to for lunch and dinner for sure. Not to mention I like to scope out some Colorado cuties there when I get the chance....and get some kombucha of course...

3.) Nourish Organic Juice

I also really love this hidden gem right off of East Pikes Peak Ave. in Colorado Springs. This little spot is not only quite spacious and a perfect place to lay down some work on your laptop, but it also has smoothies and smoothie bowls that hit you in the feels and makes you feel like you are hanging out in a hammock in Hawaii. You've got to give this little pleasure a go!


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