The Real B Brooks

The Real B Brooks

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B's Fave Drinks from Dutch Bros

1.) Caramel Apple Smoothie

If you've ever had one of those caramel apple suckers from the store during Halloween time, then this will help you understand what this tastes like. EXACTLY THAT.

My go to when I want something smooth and fruity for sure!

2.) Cotton Candy Soy Steamer

I am not a huge coffee drinker but I can drink steamers all day long! They taste like sweet clouds to me and what better way to make a drink than to combine two cloud things? Cotton candy and steamer! It's a pretty blue color and will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

3.) Pink Flamingo Frost

This frost flavor is literally one for the books. If you love fruity pebbles, you will love this drink from Dutch Bros!

4.) Peach Cobbler Blended Rebel w/ Almond and White Chocolate Syrup

I know the title of this drink is an absolute mouth full and some of the ingredients probably don't sound like they taste good together, but TRUST ME, this drink is the perfect sweet and creamy and caramel flavor. YUM YUM YUM

5.) Tropical Blended Rebel or Dinosaur Blended Rebel

Rebels are Dutch Bros version of energy drinks and they are awesome and full of sugar and get you goin! My other two flavors that I love to get in my blended rebel is the Dinosaur Egg rebel which has an awesome sweet strawberry syrup on the top and the Tropical blended rebel which is the perfect island fruity flavor and is a pretty blue green color. You won't regret these honies.

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