The Real B Brooks

The Real B Brooks

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B's February Essentials

1.) Trucker Hat

A trucker hat has become essential in my everyday outfits. It makes me feel GANGSTA.

2.) Green Smoothie

A green smoothie of any kind either as breakfast or a little snack at anytime of the day has been my go to lately. My favorite green smoothie is from Trader Joe's!

3.) Mini Nike Backpack from Urban Outfitters

My NEWEST obsession is my little mini backpack that I got from Urban Outfitters. I am not a purse person so I always jump to backpacks before I do a purse to hold my stuff. This is honestly one of the best purchases that I could have ever made. I had the EXACT one pictured about and it holds everything that I need it to hold. Its my little buddy that I take everywhere.Highly recommend if you are a tom boy like ya girl!

4.) Painted Nails

I'm one that can't STAND having dirt under my nails and seeing it. (Yes I do take showers so don't think I don't do that based on this post) So a great way to take care of that annoyance is to just paint your nails. What I personally like is a nice gel manicure usually the colors white or black. Super simple and easy. Once I did a nude color and I actually liked it but back to my black gel nail polish I go!

5.) Gym

Lastly and surprisingly to myself, the gym has become essential in February. I found a local gym in Colorado Springs that I LOVE and that has made my fitness journey a lot more fun and enjoyable. I have always been an athlete growing up, but lemme tell you, once you stop training that way you did for years so suddenly after an injury, its SUPER hard to hop back on the horse. But this month it has come naturally for me to take myself and my fitness and health seriously and I am not only feeling better but am INCREDIBLY impressed with how much I still remember and can do with the training I used to do and can STILL do. Congrats to me and not being a couch potato this year.

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