The Real B Brooks

The Real B Brooks

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Happy New Year from B!

2019 is here and let me tell you 2018 had its good sides and bad sides but I am always stoked for a new start! I really believe in letting the past stay in the past and moving forward into the new year with a BANG. There were so many things that I was thankful for last year but a couple things that I am personally looking forward to are below so check it-------

1.) I am stoked for all these food places that are opening up in Colorado Springs. Like ya girl has got to have her food.

2.) I am so excited to meet even MORE new an amazing people this year and create more amazing relationships with the people that I do meet.

3.) I am excited to spend more time with my pup in this new year and give him grace as he gets up there in doggy years.

4.) Literally can't wait to hang with my listeners at events and concerts and have a bangin time.

5.) I am really stoked to see all the opportunities that are granted my way during this new year and I cannot wait to kick a** at them all and make memories left and right!

6.) The trips that I am gonna go on are just making my heart soar just even thinking about them!

7.) I cant wait to meet even more fur babies. I want all the fur babies.

8.) I hope this year brings more growth to my business and I cannot wait to see where it takes off to!

9.) Maybe I'll find a man that you know actually wants to hang. That would be cool I guess.

10.) I love all the surprises. I love surprises.

How about you?! What are some things you are looking forward to this new year and what are some things that you hope it brings??


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