B's Side Hustle

We all have a little side hustle that we are super passionate about and mine happened to come at a time where I had no idea what and where I needed to be and wanted to be and had no idea that I would even be capable of making something like this happen.

Ya girl B has a little side hustle of owning a small apparel company named Halfrican Apparel. I started the idea almost 2 years ago (WOW) where I decided I wanted to make an impact in the community and I wanted to do it positively. By the grace of God, Halfrican Apparel was born and it has sailed since. I currently am doing markets with the business, I have an online store, and I also have a shop that is inside a Makers Market in downtown Colorado Springs that recently just got sent our way and it has been such an amazing ride.

The reason why I do what I do with my company is because I am proud of who I am and where I come from and that embodies exactly what I stand for and exactly what my company stands for as well and I will pursue this little side hustle until others stop finding it cool or until I stop finding it cool as well. Until then we will keep hustlin' small business style (:


Checkout B's online Halfrican Apparel shop at- HalfricanApparel.store


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