B's Biggest Fear

Ya girl B isn't much of the fearful type but my fear may surprise everyone and anyone because it isn't the most popular of the fears! My biggest fear has got to definitely be...PUKE. I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. THE WORD. THE SMELL. THE FEELING. THE SOUND. THE EXISTENCE.

This fear has followed ya girl B ever since she was a youngin. True story that I actually had to go see a professional therapist about my fear because I would just think about it all the time. Also the worst part is back in high school around sophomore year, I actually got puked on by this kid that sat behind me in the middle of class and I didn't come back to school for like a solid two weeks and still to this day I cannot look him straight in his eyes.

So if you have a tummy ache or feel nauseous of any kind...do NOT tell me, just get the HECK AWAY and STAY AWAY.


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