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The Real B Brooks

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The Favorites of P.I.G

We have recently added a new member to the BEAT family as you know so I thought why not grant you some facts of what little P.I.G. is into so that you can and the little guy can get on that friendship level.

1.) Huge huge huge fan of some carrots. He can chow down all day on those little suckers

2.) He typically isn't a fan of sleeping inside his bed, he is more into sleeping underneath it

3.) He loves to chill out in his little travel carrier all day all night if he could. To him, it is like the perfect place to nap

4.) If you are trying to give him a little hold from the cage, prepare for a chase for like 10 minutes. He understands the stranger danger concept

5.) He isn't a fan of the color black, especially with towels. He has this weird thing that if you hold him in a black towel, he actually feels like he is getting eaten by another animal

6.) Depends on the day but he will he a grape or two

7.) B bought him the smallest nutella cup in the world. He doesn't eat it as that is not good for animals I promise

8.) P.I.G was a cowboy for Halloween

9.) He doesn't especially like being tickled under his belly, it gets him hype

10.) Everyone officially has claimed to be the aunt or uncle of P.I.G so he has a long line of caregivers and supporters 

Make sure you keep up on the fun of this little guy on Instagram and see what BEAT adventure that he goes on next!

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