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Flight Delayed Because of Squirrel? I Can Relate

Talk about a story..

A plane got delayed due to a pretty interesting lady tried to bring her "emotional support" squirrel on the plane with her and didn't work out that well as you would imagine..

The flight actually got delayed for two hours as the woman had refused to get off the plane with the squirrel so she had to be escorted and the funniest part of this story is that I can actually relate to this scenario a bit even though mine is a tad bit different.

On my way home from a broadcasting bootcamp in Jacksonville, I was in the airport and this lady was just casually walking around the airport with her MONKEYS. Yes, I meant to spell monkeys, I did not mean to put another word. She literally had these two miniature sized monkeys on leashes sitting on her shoulder. The worst part..they were wearing diapers and they smelled ABSOLUTELY FOUL. 

To this day I remember people were looking at this lady like a circus act. I even went up to her to try and see the monkeys closer and in person and legit, one of those little sons of buckets lunged at me!

Moral of the story, our plane did not get delayed, she was let on, matter a fact in first class, and this poor older couple had to sit by the lunging, stinky, monkeys.

Good grief.

More on this fabulous squirrel story ----> HERE 

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