Why B Thinks that October is the Best Month

Ya girl is such a hug fan of October. You have no idea. I seriously wait all year round for all of the fall decorations, pumpkin spice tasting everything, apple cider, scary ghosts, EVERYTHING. Not only do I love October but I have been so lucky to be born in October so its an extra added bonus to be honest. I mean who can go truly wrong with the taste of pumpkin filling your taste buds and cinnamon and pumpkin filling your house. You can't try and convince me that pumpkin isn't an amazing smell... YOU CAN'T.

Especially here in Colorado Springs, fall is one of the prettiest things that a Coloradian can experience. All of the trees changing by the peak and creating like a pretty auburn rainbow, YES. How could you not drive downtown and be in awe of the beauty that Colorado Springs has to show during fall? Exactly, you are in awe every time.

Also a plus to October is that the weather is so unpredictable and I love it. (I know I am literally crazy, who likes unpredictable things?) but it's like it is pretty acceptable to wear a beanie, a hoodie, and some bircks with socks and shorts and no one is gonna look at you weird. And I am totally down with that. Is it sad that my most comfortable outfit that I can come up with is some socks and sandals and a beanie and some shorts? Yeah, I am not the cutest shawty in the land, that's for sure but I can pick all the pumpkins out of the patch and be comfy while doing it, OKAY?!

Ya girl is sippin on a chai right now as I am typing this. Can't stop, won't stop.



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