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The Real B Brooks

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What are B's Top 10 Favorite Shows?

I have to say that I don't watch much tv or Netflix but when I do, they are shows, shows, shows, shows, shows. I am a show junkie when it comes to me sitting down on the couch and making the executive decision to be a couch potato. Here are some of my top 10 favorite shows that I love to watch when I get that chance, and HEY no judging, ya girl likes what she likes, okay?

1.) Ellen Degeneres

2.) Dr. Phil

3.) Ghost Adventures

4.) 90 Day Fiance

5.) Face Off

6.) Teen Mom

7.) Are You The One?

8.) Dateline

9.) The Today Show

10.) Joe Kenda

Do you binge watch any of those either? 

What interests me on tv is the biggest mystery friends.

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