The Real B Brooks

The Real B Brooks

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Colorado Native

Ya girl has been born and raised here in Colorado Springs to be exact and I fall in love with it every single day more and more and remind myself why I love living here so much!

I have a couple reasons to share with you on why Colorado rocks and continues to steal my heart day after day!

1.) The weather. What more can you ask for when it's a surprise everyday with weather here in Colorado

2.) It's so dry, I don't have to worry about my poor hair frizzing

3.) I always have a new trail to hike

4.) We have got the best music venue in the world in Denver, RED ROCKS

5.) Everyone here knows how to rep the Colorado flag

6.) You can wear beanie all year round and it's sorta kinda acceptable

7.) Coffeeeee shops are taking over

9.) Dutch Bros, Dutch Bros, Dutch Bros

10.) Colorado Springs has Joe Kenda

11.) You get high from the...ELEVATION

12.) Colorado Springs has a restaurant dedicated to pups named Pub Dog and that is my kind of place

13.) Garden of the Gods, I mean cmon

14.) You can get a bangin donut on the top of a 14ner

15.) Everyone loves Bircks and so do I

16.) Fall is to DIE FOR

17.) Chick Fil A isn't to pleasure

18.) Choose any sport, we've got em all

19.) Jeep Wranglers are a regular thing here

20.) The incline is neat, from the car (:

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