Who is B's Biggest Inspiration?

We all have someone that we truly look up to and someone that we wish that we could be like someday and my idol has always been this person for as long as I could remember...

My person that I look up to is Ellen Degeneres. This woman is on my tv everyday at 3:00pm. 

I mean who can blame me? Who doesn't look up to Ellen? She literally was born a star. Everything Ellen does by changing the game for LGBTQ communities and really making sure that she takes care of anyone that she meets is something I strive to be everyday. She promotes positivity and radiance and well ya know, "be kind to one another"

I so love Ellen yall' that I was literally Ellen last year for Hallowen (picture above, yeah you're welcome) I have also been trying to get onto her talkshow for years now and have the tickets tab to her show bookmarked on my phone and check it just about everyday. Now that we are we speaking about it, I literally have her as my screensaver on my desktop right now. I'm telling you, the love that I have for Ellen is so real. What an inspiration this woman is and I promise you one day that you will being seeing your girl B up on Ellen doing her thing! 

Can't stop, won't stop!

One thing that I hope you take from this blog post is that I hope you ya know, "Be Kind To One Another"


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