If B Weren't On Radio..She Would Be A

When we all were little, we all wanted to be something crazy amazing and cool when we grew up. We all had ideas of crazy professions like rockstar, astronaut, a fairy, or so on but as we get older and hit the "college" phase, those things take a more serious path. For me, it was always vet, then be Oprah, then be a vet, and then be Oprah again, and now its okay be LIKE Oprah.

I have to admit and brag about my job for a sec- ITS AMAZEBALLS. Being in media aka broadcasting aka being a radio DJ is pretty stinkin cool and I love every second of it but we all do have that backup career and sometimes I do wonder what my life would be like now if I did take that different career path!

Most people wouldn't know this about me but I am CRAZY into crime. If B was not a radio host DJ you would definitely see me as a crime scene investigator or a forensic pathologist. WHAT?!?!? B checking out crazy crime scenes and stuff with death and blood?! Yup! Some knarly stuff.

I bet you are wondering, wow, that is quite the jump. Radio to crime scene investigator and you are totally right. Where I got this interest from, no idea. I literally have no morbid stories that have happened in my life that has inspired me either. I just think it would be so cool to understand the psychology of forensics and really being able to give my two cents about what story I believe led to this crime. I like to talk and always give my two cents. Actually now that I think about it, crime and radio aren't that far apart. (Well in some aspects for sure they are) but we both tell stories. My stories as a DJ could range from Selena Gomez and her new hit or what's the next upcoming iphone and investigators tell stories of real life tough situations and in my case as an individual, I LOVE telling stories! Matter a fact, what are you doing now? Reading a non fictional fact about ya girl! You are reading a story of mine!

Maybe one day I'll get a chance at doing some amazing ride along with a cop of an epic scene and I could give my go at the investigating. Bring more than just my two cents ya now?!

One day I will combine the both of the careers and become a..#CELEBRITYINVESTIGATOR.

*Details to come on what that actually entails though l8tr.


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