The Real B Brooks

The Real B Brooks

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Get to know Ya Girl "B"


It's Ya Girl B!

Check out these neato facts about me so that our friendship can be pretty much official,

1.) Chick Fil A above all else

2.) I am a Halfrican (Yes, mixed baby)

3.) Jeeps, lifted, four doors, my fave

4.) If it's got four paws, I LOVE IT

5.) CSprings native

6.) I hate peanut butter and bacon separately or together

7.) Love brew tours but not so much beer itself

8.) Man buns are my cup of tea

9.) Halloween rocks

10.) I grew up doing competitive gymnastics for about 11 years of my life

11.) I have my own clothing company named Halfrican Apparel

12.) Ellen Degeneres is my hero and I actually dressed up like her for Halloween one year

13.) My three favorite animals include but are not limited to, sharks, moose, and kangaroos

14.) I have about three "I just want to hangout with my dog t-shirts" and I wear every single one of them

15.) I have a weird fear of metal silverware

16.) I started my radio career right out of high school

17.) My favorite food/restaurant is the Breckenridge Crepe Cart up in Breckenridge, CO

18.) I want to one day swim with sharks even though I can't swim

19.) I HEART smoothie bowls and oatmeal. I eat oatmeal seriously two times a day

20.) My favorite celebrity to follow on any type of social media account is Diplo. Go look at some of his last few posts and you'll see why

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