The Real B Brooks

The Real B Brooks

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B's July Essentials (Lush Haul Edition)

1.) Twilight Body Spray from Lush

I have always wanted to try a body spray from Lush and I am so happy that I actually took the jump. This smell from Lush is everything I wish a smell would be and what I wish I could smell like everyday. God bless this musty berry scent. I feel like a female Edward Cullens walking out of the woods with the light glistening on my face with this scent. D.R.E.A.M.Y

2.) Sleep Lotion from Lush

This stuff is so supreme. The lavender smell that Lush uses is everything that I have needed in my life. I am a Lavender slob and so when I found this puppy and found out that it comes in lotion form and body wash form and any other form you want it to be in, I bought out the whole dang place.

3.) American Pie Body Conditioner from Lush

It took me a day and a half to realize that a body conditioner is something that you are supposed to use in the shower. I mean it worked fine as a lotion but now that I know it goes in the shower with me, it works even better! This makes your skin stay hydrated once you leave the shower even after you wipe yourself down with a towel. Not to mention it smells like a strawberry cheesecake. god bless

4.) Scrub Scrub Scrub Shower Scrub fro Lush

I just found a new love with this scrub. I have always been a huge shower scrub type of person and I love to try all kinds of different ones and I am so glad I picked this one up when I went on my Lush shopping spree. It does look a little like a murder scene when you use it in your shower because of how pitch black the charcoal is in this product but the smell makes you feel like you are rolling around in a bath full of blueberries and the exfoliant in this product is SO INCREDIBLY gentle. Huge win for me.

5.) Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub from Lush

This has been a go to for me since before I just had my huge Lush spree. I got this for my birthday about a year ago and it really gets the job done as well as make me feel like I am eating a blue raspberry icee. Woop woop blue goop on my lips that makes me feel pretty!

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