MAN OH MAN! I haven't been this interested in celebrity gossip since... I can't remember!  I have a NEED to know what went down in the elevator to make Solange wild out like that! Here are three interesting updates to the story!


1. After the fight happen and Bey and Solange left in a separate car... Beyonce posted this prayer on her instagram! I don't know about you... but this says a whole lot about how Beyonce is feeling... if she is connecting with this prayer... she seems a lil lost in her life. 

0512_fish_beyphoto from


2. We tend to forget that Jay Z is also Solange's BOSS! She WAS signed to Roc Nation as a international DJ... but not anymore. check out the websites and Solange is no longer anywhere on the site! Check it out here!


3. Supposedly, Jay's PR people are out in force spreading the news that Solange was DRINK DRANK DRUNK at the Met Gala. Supposedly she was a ticking time bomb waiting to go off... she even got into a few arguments with close friends at the Met Gala. You can check out that story here!


HUMMMMM? What do you think is going on?? Comment below!