If you grew up in the 90's, you knew that THE FLY GIRLS WERE THE BOMB!!! They always looked like they were such a tight group on In Living Color, but behind the scene are a different story. Long time Fly Girl and choreographer Rosie Perez has just come out with a tell all and had quite a bit to say about Jennie from the Block. 

 “All Of The Girls Were Coming Into My Office Complaining How She Was Manipulating Wardrobe, Makeup, And Me, All To Her Advantage,” Perez Writes. Lopez, Now 44, Shrugged It Off, Saying The Other Girls Were Just “Jealous.” But Lopez Dropped Her “Sweet-Girl Act” And “Went Off” On Perez Like “Some Ghetto Biatch, Screaming And Pounding Her Chest!” Writes Perez. 

Perez also said she fought to have the "chubby corney girl" on as a Fly Girl. See what else she had to say about J.Lo. CLICK HERE!