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Sooo... gossip has been floating around like crazy about Jay Z and Beyonce not showing up to their "good friend" Kanye's wedding to Kim Kardashian. The reasons have varied from Bey not liking Kim to Jay not wanting to put his family on display for the cameras. 

You think Kanye was upset?? Naw!!!! Sources say he could care less! According to here is what they had to say:

"Kim and Kanye were there. Some of the most powerful, respectable and influential people in the world were on hand to see Kanye and Kim and that’s all that matters,” the source says.

All the people who were there were supposed to be there! And those who we’re not, well, Kanye couldn’t care less. He could have married Kim with North[West] looking on from her stroller as the only guest and it wouldn’t have mattered. He’s finally got his soulmate, his true love and he’s living happily ever after." Read more at